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Go Green And Save The World.
The only chemicals used in the production of these images were blood, sweat and adrenalin.

Let Me Shoot Your Event

It isn't hard to get me to photograph your event. Just mention the word fun and I will be there. Both your competitiors and sponsors will love the above average images that I will produce for you.

How Do I Do It?

I'm a competitor as well. I have completed IronMan distance triathlons, I race bikes both on road and off, and I splash around in rivers occasionally. All of which gives me an eye for what sport is about.

Is It All About Sport?

Only when South Africa are playing Australia. At other times I also photograph weddings, product launches and similar events. The reality is that I'll photograph anything, and whatever I shoot I will only give my best.

Some Published Images

Published Stuff

I always get a thrill out of seeing my images published in magazines. It's a massive buzz everytime and it never gets stale. Pictures here are from Mens Health, Runners World, Bicycling, Tread (mountain biking with soul) Go Multi and Triathlete SA.

See Some More

Downloadable Images


If you are an event organiser or sponsor, I have another web product that enables you to offer downloadable images of your event to your competitors. This can be either as free branded photos, or as images paid for by the competitors.

Check Out PhotoSport

Is this A Legit Business?

Title Here

Well yes it is, and I'm glad you asked. I run as a sole proprietor, and I am fully compliant with all of South Africa's tax laws. I pay my dues promptly when they are due. My taxes are audited by MP Tax Consultants in Bellville, Cape Town who poke me with a cattle prod if I am tardy..

How To Contact Me?

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You can phone me on +27 83 792 9733. If you have the urge to send me an old fashioned e-mail you can send it here...chris@photosport.co.za, or use this site's contact form by clicking the button below..

Contact Me Now

"Have I told you you're a genius? I feel like Kate Moss: Wow, we're still lapping it all up. Thanks to Chris Hitchcock for the skill behind the lens."

Steven Burnett and Victoria Mckechnie, Happy bride and groom..

"Hey Chris, seriously brilliant photos from Slanghoek . Have heard loads of people raving about them and others races you've done."

Jade Jon De Hutton. Triathlete..

Yo-yo-yo-yo-YO! That pic of yours of MOUNTAIN WARRIOR Trail Fest in the latest GO MULTI Magazine absolutely ROCKS, Chris Hitchcock! One of my 'Shots of 2012', buddy.

Jacques Marais. Top action and sports photographer..

Every now and then you get a photographer that "owns" a sporting discipline.. Chris Hitchcock you own Triathlon, nice work again!

Craig Dutton. Top sports photographer, Deputy Photo Manager London 2012 Olympic Stadium ..