The Dreaded Lurgy

Between Cape Town’s notorious winter weather and being really sick I have hardly managed to do any training, let alone write blog entries since my last attempt at both nearly two weeks ago.

It is easy to work my training schedule around the weather. If it’s cold, add layers, if it’s raining go to the gym. If it’s raining really hard like it did last week, you can be creative and combine running and swimming in one simple workout. Believe me it rained so hard that I couldn’t blink my eyes fast enough to keep the water out and my vision clear. The sight of me doing bi-lateral breathing while running down the road must have been one to behold.

Then I got sick. It started with a tickle in my throat that rapidly progressed to a full body cold (mere head colds are for girls), and then transmogrified, or so it felt, into proper H5N1 bird flu. Let me be perfectly honest about this, I am a typical male when it comes to being sick. I crawl into bed, put on a pathetic face and whimper ’till I get the level attention I feel I deserve.

My wife to her credit, put up with it remarkably well and catered to my every wish and whim, although I may have to tell her that chicken soup and not Energade is the traditional first line of attack when treating the dreaded lurgi. Unfortunately she blew her Mother Theresa image completely when she announced on Sunday that she was off on a 4.5 hour mountain bike ride on the farm where we train. It was a magnificent warm winters day and I had to watch her ride off down the road without me, when normally I would be riding with her. Deserted in my hour of need I did what any self respecting sedentary man does on a Sunday afternoon. I channel surfed the TV and ate junk food.

I now understand how people can become obsessive about exercise, or more properly I suppose, not exercising. I have spent the last miserable week lying in bed convincing myself that although my body may recover in a week or so, my training schedule never will and as a result my IronMan attempt is doomed. How silly.

It may be true what the experts say. IronMan is more mental than physical. Certainly the more mental it is driving me the more achievable the end result seems to be.