May 2013

Ironman South Africa 2014

I’m sure that it’ll come as no surprise to you, that I am an Ironman addict. Not to the fanatical level of my mate, Paul Kaye, but I enjoy a good sufferfest all the same. Especially when I’m not the one doing the suffering.

I competed in IMSA back in 2009, and it was a blast. I trained for 9 Months and finally gave birth to an overdue 14 hour race. Labour, like with a fat kid I’d imagine, was long hard and sweaty. It was also incredibly rewarding.

Nowadays, my weekends are all about capturing special moments at events like Ironman, and the opportunity for me to train and race just isn’t there. I’m not complaining though. How many people get to do what I do on race weekend?

IMSA_2014_RACE-857 IMSA_2014_RACE-1114 IMSA_2014_RACE-296 IMSA_2014_RACE-82 IMSA_70_3-655-Edit

The Resurrection of My Blog

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it has taken me over 2 years to resurrect my blog. This was originally the place where I documented my journey to Ironman South Africa 2009, and you can still read the original posts in the archive pages.

The primary goal and focus of the reborn blog is to be a means of showing my event images, without them overloading my portfolio website, which can be seen over at

I hope you enjoy the content and my occasional forays into the bizarre and off centre.