Exploring Bonnievale: Western Cape XCO Race 3 came to visit!

Nestled within the tranquil landscapes of Bonnievale, in the Western Cape of South Africa, a short two and a half hour drive from Cape Town to the third leg of the Western Cape XCO mountain bike series revealed the hidden beauty of this often bypassed region.

A gem tucked away amidst the popular routes to Swellendam or the Garden Route, Bonnievale welcomed riders and spectators to its inaugural hosting of an XCO series race with open arms. The setting was nothing short of stunning, with rolling hillsides, lovingly carved single-track, and the serene Breede River meandering in the distance.

On a crisp autumn day, the cool breeze and early morning mist provided the perfect backdrop for the race. The course, designed to challenge riders with its twists, turns, and natural obstacles, proved to be a massive hit among participants.

For many, me included, this event was an eye-opener to the wonders of Bonnievale—a place often overlooked in the rush to reach more well-known destinations. Yet, on this day, it stood in its own right, a testament to the hidden treasures awaiting those willing to venture slightly off the beaten path.

Capturing every moment of triumph and scenic wonder, (If I say so myself), the race images are now available for all to relive their glory at www.photosport.co.za
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