Piket-Bo-Berg Cycle Challenge

The Piket-Bo-Berg Cycle Challenge race and the single-track that it runs on, has to be the best kept secret in South African Mountain biking. (at least it was until today)

Based 13 km the other side of Piketberg (turn left at the circle) it is only 75 minutes drive from Cape Town. Closer even than the trails of Esselsfontein in Ceres.

The race itself is held entirely on a private farm, and the single-track is open to the public only once a year. The event is held to raise money for local charities and it is a massive community event.

I had never previously shot a race where the competitors were stopping to tell me how amazing the single track and scenery is. And it really is, from hidden canyons to water bridges and the most mind-blowing, smooth and flowing trail you can dream of riding.

If you missed it this year then make a massive note in your diary to enter for next year, because the trails are closed until then.

Visit the Piket-Bo-Berg Trails website.

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