Brutal Heat at PPA Double Century 2020

Brutaly high temperatures led to heat and strong winds being the order of the day at the 2020 PPA Double Century. Based in the town of Swellendam, the race meanders around Barrydale, Montague and Robertson before winding its way tortuously back to the finish via a series of 3 brutal hills known as the 3 maidens.

It got so hot that at 1:00pm when the mercury officially hit 36 degrees C, while some cycle computers were showing in the mid 40’s, I said a fond farewell to my moto rider and went back out on the route in my car with aircon. Hats off to everyone who managed to finish 202km in that heat.

Check out more on the race website:
You can also see my cycling portfolio page by clicking here: Road Cycling

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