All Mountain Enduro May 2016

Based on the successful Mavic Trans Provence concept the idea is to bring riding and the results linked to it back to mountain biking and away from the current endurance-only formats. That said, it is not the idea to make the race highly technical as per downhill racing, but simply to focus the competition on the trails component of the sport. And yes, perhaps your skinny tire 29’er carbon hardtail is perhaps not the best choice of bike, although the course will certainly be rideable on it!

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Delheim Outdoor Weekend Trail Run



Cystic Fibrosis Cycling

Cystic Fibrosis Cycling (RSA)

After receiving a prognosis of a 10year life span at the age of 8 months, Jason Van’t Slot is celebrating his 20th year of living with Cystic Fibrosis by cycling the beguiling and gruelling ABSA Cape Epic in 2015. He is supported by his father and manager, Barry Van’t Slot and his close friend and team mate, elite debut triathlete, Philipp Sassie.

Born as a twin, one with the disease and the other without, Jason’s story is one of a family who has had to deal head on with a twist of fate that would test their mettle under a ticking clock. Jason wants to share his struggles and his triumphs, to enhance the lives of others living with cystic fibrosis, by serving as a living example that the disease need not be a death sentence. Through positive and rigorous living, and the benefits of early detection, Cystic Fibrosis is a challenge that can be overcome.

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Spur Adventure Duo

Spur Adventure Duo

Athletes compete in the Spur Adventure Duo race organized by Quantum Adventures, and held at Oak Valley Wine Estate, Grabouw, in the Western Cape of South Africa on 8 February 2015.


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The B Spot

Tygerberg Mountain Bike club has excelled with this magical piece of trail at Bloemendal Wine farm in Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa. It’s great for the entire family from todders upwards, and is excellent for skills training as well. Do the green route 3 times and you have clocked up 30km of really fun riding. Give it a go!





Western Province Triathlon Championships 2015

Yes, a Month before the new year, the 2015 champs were held at the beautiful Val de Vie estate, in Paarl near Cape Town.

With temperatures hitting an oven like 38 degrees C by midday, it was a sterling effort by all the entry groups to even start, let alone finish. People suffered, but they raced. With everything they had.

When I look back to the first triathlon that I raced in 2008 (WP Champs at Elsenberg), the increased  level of professionalism and expertise shown by the organisers and Triathlon South Africa is astounding. It’s small wonder then, that Triathlon was chosen as the top sporting code at the recent 2014 South African Sports Awards.

Well done everybody.

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Tribe Tri Youth Triathlon

Tribe Tri Youth Events are taking the Western Cape of South Africa by storm, with triathlons targeted exclusively for kids and youth up to 19 years old. To call it a success would be an understatement. It is making a huge impact on the sport and the crew who run the series can be justly proud of themselves.


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IMPI Challenge

The IMPI Challenge combines trail running with an adventure style obstacle course and is the biggest social, fun but challenging event on the calendar. It’s colourful, inclusive of all sizes and shapes, and gives you the opportunity to experience an amazing day.

The entry categories cater for a variety of athletes, from elite sportspersons, competent and beginner runners and families looking for a fun experience.

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Freshpak Fitness Festival Triathlon

Athletes compete in the Freshpak Fitness Festival Triathlon held at the Clanwilliam Dam in the Western Cape Of South Africa on 4 October 2014

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Resolution Health Ride The Rhino MTB Race

‘The Renosterveld Ride’ began as the dream of a man who had the vision and passion to link the remaining fragments of Renosterveld, using MTB rides as awareness campaigns and to generate funds to achieve the goal. Justin Basson has made this opportunity possible by providing the vision and with his partner Heidi Eloff they will be presenting the fifth race this year. The Ride the Rhino encourages all anti-Rhino poaching initiatives and is involved with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Fairy Glen Game Reserve and others to fight against the merciless killing of our Rhinos.

The Renosterveld Event MTB rides are not only a riding challenge, but also a challenge to help rescue Renosterveld, one of the most endangered habitats in the world. Today only 4% of it is left in the Western Cape. Our events will run through as many areas of Renosterveld as possible, and 15% of the proceeds from race entries will go directly back into the Renosterveld Trust to help with rehabilitation.

The Ride the Rhino route, the first of it’s kind on the West Coast of South Africa, is through a rugged and beautiful area that offers some of the best riding terrain in Nature’s garden, from rough back roads to sandy tracks to koppies and mountains. The area boasts flowers, animals and a beauty that is unsurpassed, and as riders travel the route, they will see Table Mountain looming ever closer.

The objective of the event is to do the same for the West Coast as the Sani2C did for the Umkomaas and its people-in the form of social upliftment and community involvement.

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