Blouklip Trail Run 2022

Now look, when Alfred Thorpe of RUNVENTURES organises a trail run, you know it’s going to be pretty hardcore, and the Blouklip Trail Run 2022 lived up to its billing. It’s what the manne call a ‘proper race’. You can see it in their faces on the start line, they know what he’s all about. That’s why this, the inaugural Blouklip Trail Run was sold out and why the lineup included a lot of trail running legends from the past.

You know that when Alfred is involved there are going to be gnarly hills, rocky downhills, river crossings, dodgy bridges, and visits to all sorts of nooks and crannies that somehow he has managed to find on the route. And smiles. Lots of smiles.

In fact, in his route briefing mail to me during the week he casually described one hill as ‘From here it’s a very steep climb (even for e-bikes) and rocky…’ Ja well, he’s the master of understatement apparently, that thing was like the North face of the Eiger.

But I didn’t hear a single complaint or see a grumpy face. Just lots of grazed knee/smile combos. The hills were real but so was the stoke. It’ll probably be even better in 2023 so keep your eyes on the event website.

Check out my trail running portfolio for a bit more stoke.

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