Trail Running

Harvest Trail Run

What with the second national Covid lockdown and the uncertainty for event organisers of organising a race that can be cancelled at the drop of a Government ministers fedora, it’s been exactly 3 months and a day since I shot my last sports event. It’s been so long in fact, that high summer has been replaced by the first chilly tentacles of an autumn that is due to make a proper head-on assault any day now. Of course, that’s theClick to read more and to see the event image gallery

Trilogy Trail Run

Trilogy Trail Run 2020: When you drive to a Stellenbosch trail run and the sun is in your eyes shining out of a clear blue sky, and the hot air balloons are already floating languidly across the horizon, then you know that it’s not only going to be a cracker of a morning, but the photographer is going to wax lyrical about it as well. Thanks, Dirtopia, for saving a race calendar from the nothingness that COVID 2020 turned into.Click to read more and to see the event image gallery

Sox Trail Run

Sox Trail Run: The SOX Trail Run is known as the most diverse 3-day trail run in South Africa and takes place in the Garden Route, with 90% of the route laid out within the South Africa National Park’s protected property. You will run on pristine hiking trails in the mountain on day one, experience the tranquillity of our lush, indigenous forest on day two and end off, with day three, along the stunning coastline of the Garden Route. TraditionallyClick to read more and to see the event image gallery

Blooming Trail Run At Beautiful L'Avenir Wine Estate Nov 2020

The Blooming Trail Run presented by Dirtopia at the beautiful L’Avenir Wine Estate & Country Lodge outside Stellenbosch is held every year at the end of November. It is always a reminder that the year is coming to an end. The vineyards are still bright and green yet the grasses are turning yellow-brown as the summer sun gets stronger by the day. If you want more details on future Dirtopia events then click here: Checkout my Trailrunning portfolio here: TrailClick to read more and to see the event image gallery

Tunnel Run

Tunnel Run Not many people know that when they built the Huguenot Tunnel through the mountains above the town of Paarl in the Western Cape of South Africa, they built a second ‘service’ tunnel alongside it. This tunnel is the same size as the onm ne used as a toll road for traffic, it just isn’t finished off with a smooth concrete lining, merely a gunite shell. A lot like an upside down swimming pool I suppose. So if notClick to read more and to see the event image gallery