Speedo Island Escape November 2020

The Speedo Robben Island Escape Open Water Swim Event has been created to provide both, novice and experienced swimmers, with the opportunity to tick off that bucket list swim – the Robben Island crossing, while participating in a formal event.

This open water swim covers a distance of approximately 7.4km from Robben Island to Big Bay, an iconic swim with a backdrop like none other.

The event runs monthly from October to June every year accommodating one group of 10-15 swimmers per month. Results from the entire period are collated after the final swim each year and recorded accordingly.

The swim window opens on the first day of each month unless otherwise scheduled. The event management and safety team monitors weather forecasts starting 1 week prior to the swim window and communicates possible swim date to all entrants on a regular basis. The swim day is based on safety for both the swimmers and the support crew.

Swimmers are dropped as close to the shore of Robben Island as possible and then have to swim to the rocks before they can officially start the swim. Dolphins, seals and sunfish are regular visitors to the swimmers, and for the safety of the swimmer, the support boats all have active anti-shark electronic devices running for the duration of the swim.

All images of the event are available on the PhotoSport SA website.

I have a portfolio page for open water swimming with lots of pretty pictures. Click on this link: Long Distance Swimming

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